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ANIMAL FOOD: We carry all types of animal food from aardvarks to zebras. If we don't stock the item that you need, we will be happy to order it for you. We carry feed from well known companies such as:  Purina Mills, Mazuri, Tribute, Kalmbach/Tribute Feed.  To help you ensure that you have a good feed program, Doug Sutherland from Kalmbach Feed and Nancy from Copley Feed will be happy to stop out to your home, stable, or farm and personally design the proper feeding program for all of your animals at no charge if you are a Copley Feed shopper. Just email Nancy or give her a call.

DOG & CAT: There are so many pet food companies out there that you may be confused as to what type of food is best for your dog or cat. Copley Feed's well trained staff will help you decide which is best for your friend! We carry many different types: Bil Jac, Bravo,California Natural, Diamond, Innova, Innova Evo, PMI Red Flannel, PMI Exclusive,  Pro Pac.  Freshness is the key to good nutrition, and Copley Feed strives to stock only the freshest foods available.

SALT: We have salt for all of your needs: Animal salt, Water Softener Salt and in the winter months, Ice Melting Salt. Other products that are available are Potassium Chloride, Calcium Chloride, salt for aquariums, pools,  and salt for making delicious ice cream for that hot summer day. We also have water softeners supplies such as: filters, iron-x, potassium permanganate, soda ash. Don't forget about our great Home Delivery Service, and let our staff carry those heavy bags into the basement for you.

DOMESTIC BIRD SEED: Got a bird flying around your house? Well, we have the bird seed and supplies for you. We carry the Sun Seed, Purina Colorful Companion brands of Domestic bird seeds, along with our regular seed mixes for all types of birds. Specialty type items include rape seed, flax, hemp, cuttlebones, millet spray, gravel, treat sticks, cage cups, and we can special order anything that you may need. All you have to do is ask to see our catalog. We keep our feeds rotated so that you are ensured fresh products.

WILD BIRD SEED: If it has wings, we have seed. We carry all types of wild bird seed from our mixes with or without corn, or with or without a lot of sunflower. We also carry 3 types of wild finch seed, 5 types of sunflower mixes (oil, blend, or striped, sunflower chips, sunflower treat), safflower (which squirrels hate), peanut pieces, raw peanuts in the shell, Cardinal Chickadee mix, squirrel nut & crunch, and Woodpecker mix. Along with the seed we have a full line of wild bird feeders and houses, suet, bird bath heaters, scoops, birds of Ohio books, bird socks to keep your feet warm, & warning webs to keep birds from banging into your windows. Of course, we can't forget about all of our hummingbird & oriole feeders, nectars, and other supplies. Here again, freshness is the key to good eating, and Copley Feed keeps only fresh seed at all time. 

WILDLIFE FEED: Feeding the wildlife has become quite a pass time for many of us. As the open spaces turn into housing developments, we have to assist the wildlife in finding food. We have ear, shelled, or cracked corn, AntlerMax Deer Chow, wildlife and deer blocks, deer mineral and salt, squirrel feed, game bird chows for all stages of life, and game fish chow.

HAY, STRAW, BEDDING: If you have animals then you definitely need bedding. We have straw, cedar chips, aspen, bed o cobs, pine pellets, hardwood shavings, pine shavings. If you have farm animals, horses, etc we carry hay year round also. For the cats in your life we stock many types of Kitty Litters: World's Best (which is really the best in my opinion), Scamp, Cat Tails, & Premium Scoopable. Oh, and in the horse stalls, we have barn dri and pdz stable freshener and stall mats available.

GARDEN SEEDS & PLANTS: Beginning in January our fresh stock of garden seeds begin to arrive. Our staff has been planting gardens for nearly 30 years, and can help you if you are a first time gardener.  If you are a seasoned gardener, then we can share tricks of the trade with you  Depending on weather, our perennials begin arriving in early April, while our annual flower and vegetable plants arrive mid April to early May. Hanging baskets arrive the first part of May (weather permitting).

GRASS SEED: Getting the right grass seed for the area that you have to reseed is an important issue. Here at Copley Feed we only stock the types of grass seeds that will grow in our geographical area. We have many different blends of seeds available, or you can just get straight Bluegrass, Fescues, or Ryegrass. When reseeding your lawn, it is important that you cover it with either straw, penn mulch, encap mulch or clean top soil.   We have all these items for your convenience. (Our top soil is only sold in the bags though)

FIELD SEED: We have many types of field seeds: clovers (white, yellow blossom, medium red), alfalfa, timothy, pasture mixes, buckwheat, barley, oats, field corn, crown vetch, rye, wildflower mixes, wildlife food plot mixes and others.

PEAT, BARK, SOIL: If you want to plant it, we have the medium to help you do so. We stock Canadian peat moss, Michigan peat, compost & manure, potting soil, professional mix potting soil, Baccto organic potting soil, sweet peat & top soil. Once you get your items planted you may want to top dress your beds with mulch: hardwood, pine soil conditioner, pine bark mulch, pine bark mini, pine straw mulch,  or large nuggets. A few miscellaneous items that also go along with this section are our peat pots, jiffy 7 peat pellets, perlite, vermiculite, & seed starting trays.

FERTILIZERS: We have a full line of fertilizers available, agricultural, organic, or specialty. The agricultural line are just your basic types of fertilizers that we use on the farms, but will work just as good around the home. The bags are no frill, just the basic! Then we go into the organic fertilizers: Milorganite, Green Sand, Revita Chicken Manure, Gypsum, Espoma holly, plant, rose, and bulbtone, Rock Phosphate, Corn gluten, Alfalfa Meal, Cottonseed Meal, Blood Meal, Kelp Meal, Bone Meal etc. And, last but not least are the specialty fertilizers. This is the Heritage House brand of fertilizer which has the 4 step lawn care program--Crabgrass w/fertilizer, Weed & Feed, Premium Lawn Food, and Winter Turf Food. Heritage House also has a Starter Fertilizer and Garden Fertilizer available.

LIME: If your soil is not the proper pH level then no matter how much grass seed, vegetable seeds, or field seeds you put down, you will not get a proper growth. So, it is essential to monitor your pH levels around your homes. We have a pH meter which is the handiest tool that I have in my garden cart. You stick the probe into the ground and bingo, you have your pH reading right now. If you register too low then Copley Feed has the lime that you will need: OHSO powdered lime, Pellet lime, or Hydrated Lime. Some of you may like to play volleyball or baseball, and Copley Feed has the Marking Lime available that will not harm you if you happen to get it in your eyes. Also available is the Sportsfield Absorbent to help dry out those wet fields you want to play on.

PESTICIDES: Now I know many of you get uneasy when it comes to pesticide use, but if you just follow the labeled directions, then the job is not really that harmful. Where we run into trouble is when some of you think if a little will do the job, a lot more will do a better job--WRONG!!! That is when you really begin hurting our environment. So, that is why you have Copley Feed in your back yard, to help you know exactly how to mix these products to get your pest or disease problem under control. Still worried??? Well, we do have some organic alternatives available also. So give them a try.

SAKRETE/CEMENT: Got a project to do around your back yard? Well, we carry the Sakrete concrete, mortar, and sand mix products. We also have the old fashioned cement available for those of you that do not want the ready to use brands. Got little ones running around the house? Well, how about putting out a sand box--we have play sand available. Or maybe a good round of horseshoes--we have a general purpose sand for that. Now in the winter when the roads get slippery it never hurts to have a bit of extra weight in the beds of those trucks or in the trunks of our cars--we have the tube sand available for this time of year.

MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS: So many items that I will just list the most popular ones here for you:  Amish built rabbit cages, adirondak chairs, rockers for your porches,socks (of you favorite pet), decorative spinners for your patio, decorative balloons for the patio, Traeger Grills and pellets for wonderful outdoor cooking, Slogger garden shoes, Muck Boots, Tingley Boots, dog and cat supplies (Amish built dog & cat houses, collars, leashes, 7 way vaccines, wormers, bowls, cages, brushes, combs, fly repellent, wound care products, shampoos, chew toys and bones, flea control products etc), animal supplies (wormers, halters, fly repellents, supplements, shampoo, conditioner, hoof care products, sheep shears, hog rings, chicken/turkey leg bands, cow magnets, water buckets, grooming supplies, co flex wrap, etc), work gloves, gardening hoses, nozzles, sprinklers, sprinkling cans, gardening tools, galvanized garbage/storage cans, incubators, heat lamps, coal (to keep your fires warm this winter), fire starters and oh, so much more. Just stop in and look around!!!

So, there you have it. Most of the items that we stock, but if there is ever anything that you need or want, just ask us and we will certainly try to get it for you. We are here to help you to the best of our ability. Our store may not be big, but we do a fine job in helping you in so many areas of your daily life.